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             About Mary

Mary has 12+ years of experience helping big brands, small businesses, and professionals develop innovative digital strategies to achieve their business goals. Currently, She is the current President of Qnary U.S., where she oversees the Qnary Core Solution to deliver a suite of dynamic solutions across all Qnary clientele which blends the efficiency of a SaaS supported solution with a human powered strategy.

Throughout the course of her career, she has always been interested in understanding how people engage and interact online and how brands and clients can meaningfully join in. She has written on social media and tech trends for The Drum, MediaPost, Agency Post and presented “How Do We Save Our Digital Lives” as a solo-presenter at SXSW. She has also spoken at OMMA, Crain’s NY, and universities including NYU, Cooper Union, Middlebury College, and Ithaca College.

She first earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ithaca College and her MA from New York University.

“The blessing is outside of your comfort zone.”

“Stay humble, stay hungry.”

Recent blog articles

Ad Impressions Aren’t Enough: Campaigns Need to Drive Action

As advertisers, too often we are tasked with creating campaigns that simply need to “be seen by as many people as possible.” The success of the creative product is being measured by the amount of impressions garnered, when in reality the amount of impressions often has little to do with the quality of the creative and more to do with the size of a client’s media budget.

It’s time to stop focusing on creating campaigns that drive impressions, and instead push our creative teams to create ideas that encourage action. From Facebook posts to Tumblr sites to TV commercials to billboards — no idea is too small or too large to encourage action and create digital participation.

So why an action over an impression? Let’s examine both.

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