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Heard of LinkedIn Creators yet? Between Clubhouse, TikTok, Twitter Spaces, Viper, Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, et al. the past year has seen a drastic shift in what social media platforms are available and how they are used. Massive growth in influencers and influencer marketing has been pivotal on several of these platforms in terms of content, new businesses, and monetization. After the striking success of TikTok influencers, other social media platforms have been striving to ride the wave of influencer marketing. 

Most recently, LinkedIn announced a new feature called the creator platform or creator mode to allow its most active users to “build their reputation, grow their business, and/or empower and educate others with their experiences.” LinkedIn’s aim is to encourage original and frequent content creation on their platform as well as offer personalized guidance to expand your audience. 

While LinkedIn has stated a few features that the creator mode will have, it is still unclear what users will gain. After some digging and research, we found that LinkedIn will allow users to add specific hashtags to their bios enabling users to find their content more efficiently and to develop a niche following. Additionally, the creator mode puts recent activity above the “about” platform, thus displaying your most recent posts. This tool might be most beneficial for creators who frequently share their own personal and original content. Finally, while this isn’t a new feature, LinkedIn is re-imagining the “follow” feature on their platform. Thus users will a) no longer have to connect to stay up to date on what “influencers” are posting, and b) they will not have to dig through to find the follow button. It is still unclear how the personalized advice to grow your followers will be incorporated into the platform. 

LinkedIn highlights the program as offering users a way to optimize their profile, find a target audience, and develop a content strategy. Except for the last item, this isn’t doing anything more than what LinkedIn Premium currently offers. Unlike LinkedIn Influencers, the creator platform is open to anyone as long as they hit the quota of posts in a week and have a substantial amount of followers. In fact, LinkedIn’s whole idea around the creator portal is to “democratize” the aspects of their exclusive influencer title.  

So if you’ve been wondering whether or not to change over to the creator platform or if this is the next big thing? Our current advice is that LinkedIn Creator is unlikely to help, but it shouldn’t harm your profile either. Go ahead and give it a shot if you want to, but it is by no means necessary for your LinkedIn presence. 

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